Spiritual Life Guidance

Spiritual Life Guidance

You control your destiny with what you choose to create, and how you respond to the winds of change in your life…

Come into greater harmony with self, other and the world for Divine Reconnection! During these sessions, the expression of positive emotions is highlighted along with the need to attune one’s life to the more natural rhythms of the body, breath and nature, the earth and the stars. Clients are guided through breath-work, journey-work, oracle, intuitive guidance, meditation and visualization to find deeper insights and flashes of their own intuition, showing the way back to love, health, happiness and harmony – for an abundant, satisfied and more meaningful life experience.

Sheena helps her clients to become more self-aware, let-go, change or re-frame old beliefs and limiting perspectives, expand consciousness, honour, recognize and release ancestral bonds and attachments, re-establish a healthy root system and connection to land, realize a bigger picture, eternal vision, higher view…

Purpose of Session: to understand what is happening beneath the surface of your normalized perception. Find under-lying causes of dis-ease and out-dated soul imperatives that affect wellbeing. Support your body-mind re-structuring by removing toxic debris from the body that has accumulated due to mental/emotional, environmental and or food sources. Become grounded in the wisdom of your body, centred within your heart and aligned with the thoughts of God or Creator so you can explore all dimensions of LOVE and find new, more enlightened pathways for living in greater harmony with self, other, and world. (30 – 60 minutes)

Navigating between the realms of your genetic and cultural programming where belief systems, emotional patterns, familial stories and memories reside… Sheena moves you through a process that asks crucial life questions. Communicating consciously and intuitively she draws forth insight, guidance, and healing for all her clients.

Sheena addresses the emotional body and brings to the surface subconscious stories and inner narratives that inhibit personal growth or cause stagnation in one’s life and body. She provides counter beliefs, dietary / lifestyle suggestions and empowering insights to facilitate healing from the deep subconscious out.

Available for distance sessions phone or email*