Sohum Customized Wellness

~ A Space of Love in Nature


Enjoy your own retreat devoted to self love and personal care. Breathe deeply and open your heart to receive the abundant gifts and blessings of the land, nature and SOHUM Natural Therapies. Find balance within and leave feeling lighter and more intimately attuned to the joyful song of your heart and dream of your Soul.

Our centre is entirely dedicated to providing sanctuary for reflection, rejuvenation and rejoicing in the simplicity, remote beauty and pristine natural environment of Kaslo, British Columbia.

Stay with us while receiving regular sessions of massage, shamanic healing, yoga, meditation, sound healing and variety of wellness therapies that encourage, support and help one to both initiate and integrate positive life-style shifts and changes for their personal transformation toward greater health, happiness and harmony within.

Personalized Retreat Possibilities

  • Individual Rejuvenation Retreat
  • Family and Couples Harmony Retreat
  • Digital Detox Retreat Package
  • Silent Retreat and Wellness Package

Enjoy three to five days with us dedicated to your own health and healing journey. Retreat, refresh, renew and remember Peace as Your True Nature with daily yoga, guided meditation, nourishing foods, rejuvenating treatments, healing sessions and personalized workshops to provide a more wholistic and spiritual perspective of life, of health, and your relationship with all that this encompasses, to enhance and deepen self understanding and an overall sense of being and feeling more than well in the world.

Nurture your Self through the beautiful reflection of Nature’s surrounding temperate rain forest, majestic Kootenay Lake, pleasing sounds of nature and gentle mountain peaks that provide a wonderfully clam sense of feeling safe, grounded and protected throughout this Sacred Journey. . . it is deeply felt that you are held by your celestial mother, The Earth, through it all – approximately 20+ hours of receiving, sharing, learning, integrating and growing together in Spirit with Love and Wisdom.

Example of what your wellness retreat with us could look and feel like:

Day 1 Reflect – Self Understanding
Day 2 Rejuvenate – Healing
Day 3 Rejoice – Soul Growth

Daily Trips to Ainsworth Hot Springs to meditate, breathe deeply and relax in the mineral cave before or after your work with us each day!

Retreat Benefits

Besides the health benefits you will receive through daily massage, sound healing and yoga… you will also benefit from unlimited enjoyment of nature, fresh air, natural aroma therapy of pine and cedar forest smells, walking the trails, connecting to earth and the elements, watching and listening to the wildlife, wholesome foods, leisure time, wellness library, plus immediate on-site access and the undivided attention of Robert and Sheena – practitioners and professionals in their specialized fields who are there to help, guide, and assist you in anyway they can – cozy fires, silence, creativity, clarity, inspiration, peace, joy, and totally rested and rejuvenated Body, Mind, Spirit and Soul.

Leave smiling with gratitude for this opportunity of divine re-connection, self-nurturing, release and healing. Your Spirit will be happy, Soul nourished and satisfied by your love and devotion toward creating more balance, peace and harmony in your life.

Initial Contact

Please contact us to discuss options and all possibilities for your personal retreat, and to schedule a day and time for the phone consultation and a check in before your retreat starts.
Phone us at 1-306-280-8955 or 1-306-881-8949
We will email you a quote.

Please finalize your booking at least ONE MONTH in advance so that we can best prepare for you and your stay with us as well as ensure that we are 100% available to you for your retreat as during this time, we do not see any other clients. We require a $250.00 non-refundable deposit upon booking. The remaining balance can be paid when you arrive.

The week before your arrival we will connect again (over the phone) to discuss your unique needs, current life circumstances, goals and intentions you have in order to best serve you and create a retreat that really honours your individual constitution.

Booking Flights

The West Kootenay Regional Airport, is a small regional airport located south southeast of Castlegar in British Columbia. It serves the West Kootenay region, including Castlegar, Nelson and Trail. Rent a car at the airport to drive the rest of your way to Kaslo, or have us pick you up for an additional service fee of $100 per trip.

Good to Know. . . A Financial Return For YOU!

We are happy to remind you that up to $480.00 of your investment can be claimed and receipts submitted to your health benefits provider under Registered Massage Therapy(Applies to our Saskatchewan guests only due to the regulation differences between provinces.)

We look forward to your stay with us!

In Spirit,

Sheena & Robert

Extend Your Stay…

For One Month Retreats and Trainings, we accept 2 applicants per year. This option includes but is not limited to additional classes, workshops and courses in Shamanism, Odissi Dance Intensive Training, and Reiki Master Certification. Please inquire.