Sheena Oliphant

Sheena is a Registered Massage Therapist, Odissi Dancer and Teacher, Yoga Instructor and Multidisciplinary Artist who travelled to India annually from 2013 – 2016 however, her first initiation into the culture and beauty of India was in 2007 when she went to study, train, and become a certified yoga teacher. Each year while in India, Sheena continued to study and immerse herself in Yoga and Ayurvedic Life, Hindu Mythology, Indian Classical Dance and Vipassana Meditation (completing 10 day courses in India, Nepal, and California). She finds fulfillment, inspiration and great joy in serving other women through her nurturing herbal oil massage treatments, devotional dance practice, and yoga.

Sheena’s vocation is in serving to assist others on their personal health and healing journey back to Love (self-love) through an Ayurvedic approach to Massage, Yoga Therapy, Indian Dance as a form of Ayurvedic Psychotherapy, and variety of other healing services she is trained, experienced and well immersed in. An RMT since 2005, Sheena is registered with Natural Health Practitioners of Canada (NHPC) for all health benefits purposes.*

After completing Shiva Rea’s Embody the Flow & Mandala of Asana yoga teacher training modules in 2009 [Santa Monica CA] ~ giving her 95 credit hours toward a 200-hour certification with Shiva Rea ~ Sheena’s experience of yoga was forever changed and inspired to participate in her life as an ongoing catalyst for transforming old patterns of body, self and the world around her. She is also trained and certified as a Moksha Yoga instructor since completing over 500 hours of study in the yoga tradition for her Moksha certification [India 2008/09].

Sheena uses the theory of the five elements, the ‘Science of Life’ approach and philosophy of Ayurveda, Yogic Science / Metaphysics as a practical, accessible guide and foundation from which she can help others connect more deeply to the Nature of Self (body / earth, mind / air, emotion / water, spirit / ether, soul / fire) in relation to it’s environment, planet Earth and the stars.

A deep understanding of health, meaning of true happiness, soul harmony, wholesome enjoyment and satisfaction with one’s life ~ all of this is entirely experienced and found in knowing Thy Self. My services simply activate and initiate the energy of Self Awareness; the key that unlocks the divine potential within. As we navigate Body, Mind, and Soul – we come to realize ourselves as Eternal Co-Creators on Earth with a choice now to participate more intuitively and consciously on the Path of Love. – Sheena

Our first obligation to society is the obligation we have to our health, to love ourselves. For a healthier, happier and more harmonious society we must actually BE healthy, happy and harmonious. ॐ