Shamanic Light & Sound Healing

Light-Body, Spirit Guides, and Past-Lives

Harness positive energy and create your most authentic life. Rise up to receive what your heart truly desires and surrender to the process as you continue to embrace more of who you are in body, mind, and spirit through the symbolism of your spirit animal and guides, past-life healing, chakra (light-body) balancing and strengthening your aura / energy field.

Robert (Shamanic Healer, Reiki Master, Intuitive, Clairvoyant), assists you in raising your vibration to match your heart’s desires or “the dream of your heart” by utilizing sacred tools, healing techniques and ceremonial space for you to release tension, stress, negativity, limiting beliefs and any root causal energetic blockages, from this or previous life times, that are holding a frequency lower than that which you desire to manifest in your life. In turn this creates a calm, clear, and relaxed mental state from which feeling awareness and consciousness can expand, natural healing can occur, manifestation can happen, and spiritual perspective and personal insight can be gained.

This Shamanic Healing Series will help you to feel more solid in your sense of self, balanced and at peace within as you move forward with confidence, faith, and trust in who you are and in what you’re ready to rise for now!


Light Body Session/Workshop and Aura Assessment and Consultation – A light and sound healing session for deeply relaxing body and mind. Expand conscious awareness, strengthen your Aura, raise your physical vibration and return the emotional body to a calm, well-balanced state. Included in this session is an intuitive reading and in-depth analysis of the chakras and your own unique energy signature. . . This session focuses on relaxation, rejuvenation, and renewal of body, mind, and spirit. You will also receive personal confirmation, clarity, and empowering self-knowledge for creating health, happiness, and harmony in your life. (90 minutes)

In this session Robert uses a combination of the following healing modalities and techniques he is trained in: Usui Reiki, Karuna Reiki, Lightarian Reiki, Lavender and Violet Flame Energy Technique, Healing Touch, Tibetan Bowl Sound Healing, Ra-Sheeba, Guarani Shamanism


Animal and Spirit Guides Session/Workshop – is the second stage of this journey that highlights specific, current and relevant information to help you navigate the here and now, accept and embrace certain personality traits, and understand your mental / emotional tendencies and preferences in this life through the symbolism of Your Spirit Animal. . . This session fosters self-love, acceptance, compassion, and the confidence to be your most authentic self, an acknowledgement and celebration of your uniqueness! (90 minutes)


Past Life Healing – A fascinating journey that explores how you may be influenced by past lives to gain insight and profound understanding toward the present circumstances of your life. Surrender the past to launch yourself forward into a bright new future. . . This session/workshop provides healing and awareness around where or what you are working with, letting go, releasing and learning in this current life stream. Gain insight into the strengths and skills you previously developed in past life incarnations as well, for self-realization and soul evolution. (90 minutes)

For both the Spirit Animal and Past Lives sessions Robert uses some of the above mentioned techniques, light and sound, along with his own intuition, natural gifts and abilities to tap into the Akashic Spirit Realm to retrieve enlightened information helpful to the clients healing journey, self-understanding, personal insight, and soul evolution.

“Ignite your light, live in your heart and seek the highest consciousness.”

– Robert Blackmore
Shamanic Healer, Spiritual Guide, Reiki Master, Clairvoyant