Shamanic Healing

Shamanic Healing with Robert Blackmore

Harness positive energy and change your life. . .

A typical shamanic healing session with Robert consists of a variety of combinations of techniques and modalities to clear and re-align chakras or the light body, reconnect to the higher Self / Source Light, release soul trauma, and receive communications from Angel, Animal Totem, Ancestor, Crystal, and Star Guides.

Once he is connected to these other worlds, it is then possible for Robert to attain knowledge, insight and empowerment to perform various forms of healing work. His transformation or healing work typically employs techniques utilizing light (power objects and energy work) and vibration (voice and sacred tools) in addition to guidance and coaching methods.

In Robert’s own system of Shamanic Healing… he first extends his consciousness into the other world to gain insight about the client’s personal life path by accessing: Spirit, the Aura; Chakras / Light Body, Animal Angel and Star Guides, as well as any Past Lives that have accumulated karma or caused soul fragmentation. At this point he then blends several forms of energy healing, breath-work, focused intention with stones and crystals and combines voice, singing bowls and tuning forks to bring the client in to body, mind, spirit and soul harmony.

The whole process activates the energy of Awareness. Alignment, soul growth and pathways to enlightenment are then able to take place for the client. Robert always brings warmth and compassion to his shamanic practice. (90 minutes)

Please inquire about Robert’s DISTANCE HEALING SESSIONS. All individual sessions are tailored to getting specific results for specific issues in your life. Physical, psychic, emotional, mental, psychological and spiritual issues in the past, present and future are addressed. Contact Robert: 306 280 8955

Guided Journey with Sound Healing: Limiting Belief Release

Tibetan Bowl Sound Healing for Chakra Balancing with Robert, combined with Guided Journey by Sheena, Breath-Work and Meditation expands your conscious awareness as you are guided on a journey inward to see, to heal, gain insight and release, cleanse, clear, or re-frame limiting beliefs or vows (made in this or previous life-times), out-dated soul imperatives, and any emotional stagnation that is blocking pathways to radiant health and joy.

At the end, Sheena and Robert share their findings and relevant information they received through the impressions they got via through the sound vibrations or through intuitive messages, feelings, insights and visions. They also welcome you to share about your experience (if you want to) and ask them any questions. (45 minutes)