Swan celebrates beauty, culture, art, love, faith and the depth of the Soul. Our offerings are intended to serve our collective awakening, understanding, spiritual growth, and intuitive development.

Sohum sessions and treatments assist one in healing, releasing and clearing any unhealthy patterns held in body, mind, spirit, and soul by raising the vibration of the physical vehicle first – returning it to what is meant to be our normal state of relaxation. Then, the mind’s activity can slow and calm down, and return to peace and equanimity. Now, the body can start to heal on its own and the mind can observe experience more objectively, everything opening up to receive spiritual insight and awareness of the truth within.

Our services therefore initiate one’s self-healing abilities by returning the client to a state of relaxed, calm, and peaceful being in order to realize PEACE as their True Nature.

Sounds that Heal – The Way to a Happy and Harmonious Future!
Try our signature Body and Sound Massage, folks are loving it!!! SOHUM uses music and sound in a variety of ways to promote healing. Here are some of the common techniques we use in harmonious combination with most of our service offerings. Try it through Robert’s unparalleled Shamanic Healing Sessions.

“Multi-dimensional, expansive, and deeply relaxing. Robert’s sessions are other-worldly or “out there” as some might say – yet he has the gift and ability to bring everything back down to Earth… making the intangible more tangible, the so-called impractical, practical. I find his sessions to be the perfect balance between heaven and earth; the spiritual and material realms or dimensions of being which brings all of his clients into higher consciousness, awareness, greater soul harmony and balance within.” 

  • Recorded Nature Sounds and Healing Frequencies 
  • Guided Meditation: the use of voice and conscious vocal tones are used to guide the client into deeper relaxed states as the mind is brought to focus on the breath and the space of clam within.
  • Singing Bowls: these vibrations and tones slow down breathing, brain waves and heart rates, producing a deep sense of calm and well-being.
  • Tuning Forks: the vibrations of tuning forks are used to increase the amount of energy in parts of the body that are trying to heal or energize. These good vibes can support relaxation, balance the nervous system and increase physical energy.
  • OM Chanting: chanting helps the mind focus, which alleviates stress levels. Repeating the syllable “om,” fosters deep mental clarity and promotes a sense of connectedness with a higher power.
Cancelation Policy

We sincerely appreciate at least 48 hours notice as we are often travelling back to Saskatoon for your appointment from the work we are doing in other communities throughout Saskatchewan and Canada. We understand that emergencies happen and certainly would consider your unique situation. Thank you so much for your consideration of our time, energy and efforts to best serve you. Cancellation Fee: $80

Last minute cancelations or if you do not show up for your appointment, you will be charged for the full amount of your session.

When We Come to You

When we come to you,we have to consider the travel time it takes us to reach your community, milage and accommodation costs incurred to us, our clinic / venue rental and administration. For these reasons, we have this policy in place.

As we happily are taking the time away from our Saskatoon clinic to travel, we try our best to ensure a commitment from our rural clients. Because we are journeying to your home to provide a service, we do request that you (and your guests / community if applicable) book and pay the deposit in advance. This is a policy that is practiced world-wide.

Upon booking your appointment with us, please email transfer payment of $80 non-refundable deposit to, with the remaining balance to be paid when we arrive for your session.

Thank-you for your kind understanding and consideration. We are truly grateful for the chance and opportunity to visit your community in the spirit of health and healing, learning and growing together.