Sacred Heart Yoga

Heart centred vinyasa flow yoga community classes with Sheena

Balance giving to others with receiving for yourself.
Honour you inner voice and breath of life; awaken to the miracle of the Holy Spirit that animates all Life.
Rest, relax, rejuvenate mind to align your thoughts with the thoughts of your Creator.
Take care of your body as your church or temple, your home.
Nurture your inner child, sacred heart and beloved soul.

Resonate with the Earth-as-Mother.

All yoga classes are inspired by the guiding image and reflection of the Divine Mother’s grace and gentle influence on our lives that leads us into the sanctuary of our own sacred hearts; toward the compassion, wisdom, and love that desires our recognition and discovery in order to realize new ways of being in divine relationship with ourselves, others, and all of God’s creation.
Yoga allows us to heal our lives from the inside, so that the outside may change to reflect our inner beauty and spiritual light. The energy of The Goddess, Sacred Feminine and Divine Mother assists us in both our softening of any hard edges, as well as our release of limiting patterns that prevent us from growth and being reborn into truth, consciousness, and bliss. 
$75 – five classes

Contact: for class schedule and location!