Robert Blackmore

Robert Blackmore has been offering both treatments and teachings since 2005, however his gifts of seeing and knowing began in early childhood. Ever since Robert was a young boy he could see auras and was sensitive to many of the ‘unseen’ realms and parts of human existence that are rarely acknowledged or understood by the mainstream and over-culture of western society as it exists today. For Robert, it was not always easy being a ‘Shaman’ (to give it a name) at the ripe old age of seven, let alone in a culture where seeing (in the physical world) is believing…

The word Shaman has been described as a wise person, one who knows, a transformer of energy as well as ‘one who walks between worlds’. The recognition that life is in everything and everything in existence is interdependent and mutually supportive, helps bring a Shaman into harmony with all things. Therefore, a Shaman treats all things with respect and recognizes the essential sprit of life in everything. In doing so, they come to understand their place amongst the inter connectedness of all things. Shamanism recognizes that everything is an energy system in itself within a greater energy system and deserves respect because each plays a part in the great cosmic plan.

Roberts concept of truth is bases on his personal experience. He has no dogma or ‘rigid’ belief structure that he adheres to or accepts. The knowledge that he has gained came through ‘doing’ and exploring different facets of life force energy. Through techniques such as shamanic journeying or spirit travel, he as learned to transcend boundaries of awareness by transferring his consciousness into ‘other worlds’ which are on a different dimensional level or wavelength of existence.

Once connected to these other worlds, it is then possible for Robert to attain knowledge, insight and empowerment to perform various forms of healing work. Transformation or healing work typically employs techniques utilizing light(power objects and energy work) and vibration (voice and sacred tools), in addition to guidance and coaching methods.

In Robert’s own system of Shamanic Healing… he first extends his consciousness into the other world to gain insight about the client’s personal life path by accessing the aura and chakras, spirit / animal / angel guides and even past lives which have accumulated karma or caused soul fragmentation. At this point he then blends several forms of energy healing / breath-work / focused intention with stones and crystals and combines voice, singing bowls and tuning forks to bring the client in to Body, Mind, Spirit and Soul Harmony. The process activates the energy of Awareness. Alignment, soul evolution, and pathways to enlightenment are then able to take place for the client.

By restoring equilibrium to ourselves as individuals, we help to bring harmony to the world as a whole.

Robert always brings warmth and compassion to his shamanic practice. He has been gratefully serving both Alberta and Saskatchewan’s wholistic and spiritually minded communities and individuals since 2005 when he began more fully to accept and embrace his natural abilities and inherent magic, his purely Divine Gifts.

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“Ignite your light, live in your heart and seek the highest consciousness.”

– Robert