Y O G A  &  E N E R G Y

Support your healing journey with a physical health practice that embodies your essence as vibrating consciousness. Re-balance and renew through a more intimate experience of the life force energies that animate your body, mind, and spirit; you personal energy. Understand the forces of life at work and spontaneous play in relation to self, other, your environment, and the planet at large as you continue to move forward in life with strength, flexibility and trust in the flow!

P R A N A. . . in practice.

Honouring Life Force ~ creating a dynamic and graceful yoga practice.

Prana and the panache vayus (five winds) connect us with the pulse of life. This yoga workshop explores and expands upon Prana and its five aspects from both an Ayurvedic and Yogic perspective. Sheena distills her extensive yoga, anatomy, and healing arts knowledge, formal training and life experience into a 2 – 3 hour program promised to offer students a deeper personal experience of yoga that is embodied, dynamic, graceful, insightful, and liberating. The understanding of the flow of Prana is essential for living yoga day to day. It is the way of being in harmony with the pulsation of life and of healing imbalances by joining and aligning with this sacred flow.
  • Knowledge – Awakening the Energy of Awareness
  • Pranayama and Chanting – I Honour the Life Force Within Me
  • Mudras and Asana – Experiencing Movements of Prana

This workshop covers the introduction to PRANA (and how it works to support your yoga practice) in a natural progression that starts by sharing knowledge and setting intention. This is followed by the activation of all five energies through breath-work, mantras, and mudras. Finally, the transition is made to integrate and yoke this knowledge through an intentional practice of yoga asana where the Universal Life Force can be observed, experienced, and felt.

Om Prana Pranaya Namaha



December 22nd at Santosha Yoga Warman from 11am – 1pm. Please register by email to with subject line PRANA workshop. Registration and payment (cash or email transfer) due before 12noon on December 21st.