Story. Dance. Prayer.

Your art is and must always be greater than you. It is God’s special gift to you and you have a sacred task to nourish it.

– Lynne Fernandez


Sheena serves consciousness communities and audiences throughout Saskatchewan and Canada through the yogic dance tradition, Odissi Temple Dance. Her devotion to learning, practicing and immersing herself in one of India’s most ancient temple dance forms has nourished her soul and strengthened her roots to nature and the land, liberating her creative spirit and expression of Self, love and joy. Her dance is not only her artistic passion, it is her sadhana (spiritual practice) and offering to the world as well. Book Sheena to perform the sacred dance ritual of Ganesh Mangalacharanan invocation item for bestowing the blessings of Lord Ganesh, at your special event by contacting her via email:

This dance is recommended to be practiced and performed by the dancer, as well as felt and experienced by audiences to remove obstacles that come between one and one’s well-being.

Lord Ganesha helps all who witness this invocation Odissi dance item to achieve wealth, wisdom, good luck, prosperity and success in all endeavours that aim to achieve well-being. This includes blessings for positive New Beginnings and all auspicious occasions alike.

Performances must be held within a sacred, sattvic drug and alcohol free space among audiences that are respectful and purely appreciative of the art-form as the dancer’s sadhana, and the performance as a ritual act of devotion to celestial Mother Earth and The Divine.

Book us for your next event!

  • opening ceremony for yoga workshops and gatherings
  • community church gatherings
  • meditation groups and gatherings
  • new business grand openings
  • holistic and healing markets
  • home and garden blessings
  • surprise guests for classes, workshops, and retreats
  • peaceful protest performance art and conscious causes

“It was crazy amazing. Honestly blew me away! The feeling, the illumination, the empowerment, enchantment. It was honestly a mind blowing performance that brought us into a deep trance taken somewhere magical! Thank you. Amazing!” 

– Tami D. (Kenosee Lake, Saskatchewan)


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