The Chakras

Chakras & Sound – Vibrational Resonance & Your Energy Centres

Combination of informative education and shamanic experience. Robert will share wisdom teachings about the energetic centres known as the chakras, and how we can all work with these energies on a conscious and constructive basis.

This workshop will include guided sound meditation, with spoken word and the resonant sounds of Tibetan Singing Bowls. Robert plays the bowls intuitively, first seeing any imbalance or dis-ease in the auric field / light body on individual and group levels. Then, he plays to create vibrational frequencies that adjust these energies to align with health, happiness and harmony.

Participants will be invited to explore their chakras through feeling, intuition and self-inquiry – directly experiencing where the vibrational frequencies connect within the body and how they work to bring harmonious balance to body, mind, spirit, and soul.