Temple Dancing

Odissi Dance is the oldest known form of temple dance On Earth. It is highly scientific and metaphysical. There is a meaning behind each and every move that evokes divine communion, communication and union. This ancient dance tradition can be experienced as a form of psychotherapy for self-realization as each dancer is encouraged to meditate on God and her own Divine Nature.

“As she dances with all her love, pure body / fire and devotion, she resonates barefoot with mother earth, she purifies the space, where she is physically, emotionally and mentally – she raises consciousness and vibrations for whomsoever sees her.” – Annapurna

Indian classical dance represents an ancient way of expressing devotion to The Divine. It is a form of spiritual practice and offering. For children, youth and adults classical dance training positively channels the mind and body, develops balance, courage, confidence and joy for learning and growth into happy, positive and confident self.

Odissi is one of the seven types of Indian Classical Dance.

Odissi Dance Benefits

Increased self-love, care, devotion, commitment, ability to express one’s deepest sentiments and feelings, increased memory, alertness, strength, flexibility, grace, breath depth, body – mind awareness, balance of left / right halves of body, masculine and feminine balance within, coordination, happiness, JOY from learning dance as a new language, improved posture, muscle tone and memory, alleviation of muscle aches and pains, improved circulation, respect to the body as a sacred space and home to the divine self / soul, connection to The Divine and Sacred Feminine energy, compassionate love for humanity and all creation.

Cultivate, embody and radiate the essence and spirit of devotion, love and joyful surrender to God or Universe, and all the divine qualities that are naturally awakened within the heart of every dancer as her commitment and understanding of this ancient devotional art form deepens and grows with love.


Sheena is trained in classical ballet, jazz and tap. She studied and practiced these dance styles for 15 years before vinyasa flow yoga, yoga trance dance, free-form dance and movement meditation / yoga therapy came into her life. Sheena is a certified tap and jazz dance teacher since 1999. Currently her focus is on teaching and performing Odissi Dance. She was visiting India annually to train under the guidance, discipline and wisdom of her teachers and is encouraged by them to practice, perform and teach between journeys. For more information about current schedule, classes and workshops please visit: odissidevotionaldance.com

Sheena distills her yoga training, western dance background, and Indian classical dance experience into techniques for yogic study to assist students of this ancient temple dance form in achieving an empowering, transformational and deeply satisfying practice for Body, Mind, Spirit and Soul.

“Thank-you to all the classical Indian dancers, my teachers and all gurus of these ancient dance traditions, thank-you to all that came before me! Thank-you for your inspiration, knowledge, hard work, dedication, discipline, wisdom and loving devotion to your art. Thank-you for showing a way to the embodiment of art as Sadhana.”

– Sheena

Body is a temple, discover the divine dancer within.