Renew Your Spirit

Satyam Shivam Sundaram. Truth, Divinity & Beauty are One.

Body Spa Services

Seasonal Rejuvenation Therapy for Women’s Health and Radiance 

Enjoy a Full Body Ayurvedic Herbal Oil Massage with Sheena to ease and support your body’s transition from season to season. Re-balance and consciously align with the rhythms and cycles of life and nature by scheduling a massage every Autumn, Winter, Spring and Summer as a good self-care practice and health regime.

75 min ~ $108 |  add on scalp treatment for $5

Neck and Shoulder Release: 60 min ~ $90 | 45 min ~ $75

Hot Stone Massage: 60 min ~ $90 | 45 min ~ $75

Brain Tonic 

A very nourishing and rejuvenating treatment of Ayurvedic Herbal Oil Head, Neck, Face, Scalp, Upper Limbs (arms and hands) Massage. Beneficial treatment for headache, neck and facial tension.

60 min ~ $90 | 45 min ~ $75 | 30 min ~ $60

Happy Feet 

A blissful essential Oil Foot Soak, Herbal Oil Foot Massage and Reflexology combination treatment.

60 min ~ $85 | 45 min ~ $70 | 30 min ~ $55

Body and Sound Massage 

Click here to read more about our popular Full Body Ayurvedic Herbal Oil Massage with Shamanic Sound Healing – 2 hours ~ $160

Spirit Spa Services

Earth and Sky Reiki

This session combines Usui, Karuna, Tibetan and Lightarian Reiki techniques for a deeply relaxing and profoundly healing experience.

75 min ~ $105 / 60 min ~ $95

Chakra Balancing

Aura Assessment and Reading, Reiki and Tibetan Bowl Sound Healing. 

During these sessions Shamanic Healer, Robert Blackmore intuitively and consciously responds to what he sees in the auric field where he receives accurate information from Spirit and the bodies major energy centres known as chakras. The session is absolutely attuned to the constitution and unique energy signature of the person he is working with so that clients are guaranteed a treatment that meets their individual need and balance, as how we achieve a balanced state is different for everyone.

75 min ~ $105 | 60 min ~ $95 | 45 min ~ $80

Other Worldly

Just relax, let go, dream and journey with this deeply relaxing Gem Stone Therapy and Tibetan Bowl Sound Healing treatment.

60 min ~ $90 | 45 min ~ $75 | 30 min ~ $60

Sweet Dreams 

Guided Meditation, Breath-Work and Tibetan Bowl Sound Healing for Restorative Deep Sleep. Sound Healing is a Cellular Massage that works gently and powerfully to return the body’s own vibrations to their natural states. Getting in tune with the bodies natural states of peace and harmony initiates self healing abilities and a return to balance and equilibrium, peace and harmony within.

This treatment is recommended to schedule your session in the evening, before bed, when you are ready to retire the day.

30 min ~ $60 | Package of Three ~ $165

“I see Sheena and Robert for Body and Sound Massage treatments. They are both gifted and intuitive healers. The combination treatments of singing bowls and ayurvedic massage provides for amazing relaxation and is helping me work towards more inner peace. From the moment I enter into the therapy room, I am able to focus on the present and ‘be in the moment’. The experience is beautiful.”

– Chatelle, Speech Therapist, Saskatoon 


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