Goddess Massage Package

Celebrating Your Divine Nature


Are you ready to embrace the wilderness of your authenticity, unique beauty and strength? Exploring new realms of beauty and depths of soul, Sheena takes you on a three week inward journey of the heart that celebrates your divine feminine nature, health, innate gifts and co-creative power as a Goddess of the Earth!

Package Includes:

  • 3 full-body herbal oil REGISTERED MASSAGE THERAPY treatments with Ayurvedic and intuitive approach (60 minutes ea.)
  • 3 follow-up emails with REFLECTIONS for the week ahead – looking at the magic of the five elements that make up your unique constitution and how to work with them for maintaining physical, mental, and emotional freedom moment to moment, day to day, including oracle and current astrology themes to help you navigate your soul path
  • 1 COMPLIMENTARY consultation as part of your first session (30-40 minutes) + 1 FREE guided meditation journey for accessing unlimited potentials, added at the end of the final session (30 minutes)


Why would you want to invest in this package?

Through strengthening the mind-body connection via receiving healing touch, the emotional body becomes more accessible as it acts like a bridge between mind and body. When we are willing to fully experience, intimately know and appreciate our own bodies, we are better able to navigate life’s ebbs, flows, ups and downs with greater understanding and spiritual insight.

Observing sensations, feelings, and emotions within the body, and the messages that arise therein, you develop and strengthen your intuition. By tuning into your divine emotional spectrum you will find the courage to express yourself more authentically in every moment. Emotional freedom allows one to SHINE forward in health, emotional maturity, wholeness, and ever-radiant joy… together we will explore how you can best practice this divine self-honouring in every moment of every day of your life.

Designed to not only relax and rejuvenate your system, this intention is meant to strengthen and empower you as a women on a journey with a vision, mission, and gift to share with the world, that gift being YOU. Every session fosters body appreciation, self-love and compassion, mind-body connection, emotional support, release and healing, spiritual upliftment and attunement generating heart and soul power through relaxation, rejuvenation, regeneration, and renewal.

Sheena’s sessions are educational, informative, intuitive, and insightful providing you with both the experience of of who you are in truth (a sensual, pure and peaceful soul), as well as the practical tools to help you carry and sustain the Light of Awareness and connection to your divinity as you start to understand and hone your power as a conscious co-creator!

What do you actually receive?

B O D Y ~ the earth, oceans, rivers, lakes, and skies of your being.

Sheena’s Ayurvedic and intuitive approach to massage is performed with an awareness of the marmas and chakras. In Ayurveda, marmas are vital points similar to acupressure points. Marmas are points where the elemental life forces of ether, air, fire, water and earth converge and therefore where the body’s organizing intelligence is most concentrated.

The seven great marmas in Ayurvedic massage are the same as the main chakras. According to Ayurveda, each chakra nourishes particular organs and controls various psycho-physiological aspects of our being. When they are blocked, physical disease ensues. Ayurvedic oil massage opens and cleanses these energy channels so the current can flow freely and our latent vitality is released.

Supportive input to the senses is also emphasized during the massage as our senses are the gateways to our biological and mental processes. The sense of touch is obviously employed but you will notice that the sense of smell, sight and hearing is also recruited in the healing process.
M I N D – wind, air and the space you create through thought.

Follow-up reflections include very specific, personalized body, mind, spirit and soul messages as gentle guidance regarding the current state and situations of your life. Educational information is also shared to help you become more acquainted with your own elemental essence, your unique energy signature. You will find yourself easily adjusting, fascinated, inspired and empowered by the magic of the five elements and how they are working for or against you… with this newfound knowledge and greater self-awareness you can quite literally become the Creator of health, happiness and harmony and beauty in your own life.

Ayurvedic Constitution / Body-Mind Type Test is sent prior to start date, weekly reflections are provided by email following each massage treatment.
S P I R I T ~ fire and the eternal flame of passion and compassion.

Your 1st session includes the free consultation that triggers introspection, provides personal insight, spiritual perspective, clarity and elemental awareness of the broader, wider, bigger picture of your life – while your 3rd session includes a belief change process: a guided journey inward to uncover, change, re-frame, and or release a specific limiting belief that no longer serves you. This session aims to free you from oppressive, constrictive or restrictive thoughts, feelings, emotions, outside energies or influences, outdated beliefs, vows or soul contracts so that you can truly soar!
Massage appointments are to be booked as close to the same day and time each week for consistency. A commitment of devotion to your Self for 3 weeks is beneficial to this process of awakening and loving more of who you are, more of your goddess nature.

This program requires you to come for treatment for 3 consecutive weeks in a row. Register and pay for the Goddess Massage Package please email sohumhealingarts444@gmail.com.

“I look forward to exploring and discovering new realms of beauty and depths of soul with you. . .”

– Sheena Oliphant RMT


“I had the pleasure of experiencing a Five Week Goddess Massage Package and spiritual journey with Sheena. The Ayurvedic massages allowed my physical body to meld with the heavens cocooning my heart to allow deep awareness and release to gently come forth. It was a transformational journey of the Soul where I gained deep insight and I felt unconditionally held and seen. Sheena embodies the beauty and grace of a flower but the wisdom and strength of a lion. I am deeply humbled to have experienced a heart as pure as hers and to have been within her beautiful, radiant light. I highly recommend any of her services. All my love All Ways to you Beautiful Soul, may you be eternally blessed!” 💕 

– Marilyn Byspalko, Saskatoon