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Massage Workshops For Couples and Families

Health, happiness and harmony begin at home.

Our new Self Referral Massage Course is especially designed to help individuals, couples and families hone and fortify their own health, wellness and body care practices at home because prevention is better than cure and self-reliance is better during uncertain times and outer-world instability.

Learn how to massage like a professional! This “DIY” Course in Massage is designed to build your confidence, knowledge base and trust in your own body wisdom, develop your intuition and emotional intelligence, build deeper bonds with family members and increase the understanding, love and appreciation you have for those relationships, as well for your bodies.

What does “self-referral”, well-being, work-life balance, connection to nature and family mean for you?

Be curious and feel good about your ability to care for yourself, partner and children. Learn to trust your own Inner-Authority on what is beneficial for you and your family, on what feels right in your body and heart when it comes to addressing and honouring everyone’s unique need and requirement for being and feeling healthy, balanced and well in the world.

Approach well-being with a new found sense of what is more congruent and in alignment with your unique constitution, as well as your partners, and then observe how your relationship dynamics, household environment and outer-world experiences change and transform in positive, helpful, harmonious ways!

Introduction to Massage and Ayurvedic Theory

Why Learn Massage? how it can serve you, health benefits, preventative effects
Ayurvedic Doshas: five sacred elements of nature, discover your unique body constitutions / personality and body types within the family
Body Wisdom: self-awareness, emotional-body, accountability, becoming energetically responsible

2) Full Body Oil Massage Routine, Practical Application: 6 hours
– Introduction to Systems Anatomy and Major Muscle Groups
– Swedish Massage: Learn Techniques for Head, Neck and Shoulder Massage, Demos for Self-Massage and Treating Others
– Upper Limbs: Hand Massage, Reflex Points
– Lower Limbs: Foot Massage, Reflex Points
– Spinal Liberation: The Trunk of Body, Massage Techniques for Upper, Mid and Lower Back, Remedial Exercises, Meridian Yoga

3) Energetic, Spiritual Implications with Robert: 3 hours
– Chakra Workshop: Individual Aura Readings, The Light Body and Anatomy of Spirit in Relation to one’s Thinking, Feeling and Reacting / Responding / Conscious Action in The World

4) Divine Relationship Harmony, Giving and Receiving: 3 hours
– Give and Receive A Full Body Massage, Exchange Treatments with Your Partner “Like Professionals”!!!

Regular: $450 / Couple (Summer 2020 20% OFF)

Maximum number of participants per group: 4
– two couples, or family of four

Note: participation requires two people, does not necessarily have to be a couple, it could be Mother/Daughter, Father/Son, siblings etc.

Self-Massage Only Course is Available Upon Request!
For private bookings, ONLINE “Virtual Course” OPTIONS, couples and customized personal wellness retreats and intensive trainings, please inquire by email to
Read more about your teachers / educators here:
Sheena Oliphant, Massage Therapy:
Robert Blackmore, Shamanic Healing:

This course does NOT certify you to accept clients as a professional or give treatments for money. It is intended to serve families and couples, to empower one’s relationship to their own body and health, to share basic massage knowledge that increases one’s connection to self and confidence in taking their own care, their health and happiness into their own hands. This is a personal development course that serves one’s self and family. It does NOT substitute for professional training by any means, on any level. It is only for PERSONAL USE.