Yogic Dance for Children

Classical Indian Dance is Performance Art, Dance, Yoga, Martial Art Discipline, Drama and Theatre combined! In this class children work towards learning a traditional Indian story – dance about the Hindu Hero Lord Ganesha; elephant headed god of the Hindu pantheon, protector of the Earth (as Mother), her beloved children and ALL of Creation.

Great opportunity to introduce some beautiful mythology and culture of India into your child’s life through yoga, movement meditation, story, dance, song, and drama / theatre; the yoga of channelling emotions constructively into their art, their creativity and creation. Odissi Indian Classical Dance or YOGIC DANCE as instructor Sheena calls it ~ fosters positive, healthy, happy, confident self.

Your child will learn classic mudras (hand postures that mimic Nature, Animals, Elements, Creation, Universe) to tell a moral story, postures (like yoga), dance as new language, footwork that promotes good memory, strength, agility, right / left brain balancing, creating / learning rhythm with feet stomping barefoot on the earth with respect and reverence. They will learn Mother Earth Prayer Dance… and so much more!

This class is offered with love and devotion to our children’s health, happiness, and harmony, and to the health, happiness, and harmony of the land. To all our relations, EVERY child is welcome to learn. Please do share with families and children you know would enjoy.

Fees: $45 / month for 30 minutes. Ages 5-8
Families of 2 or more children – $20 off total monthly fee.

Sheena ♥


Ph: 306 881 8949
E: to register!