Reclaim Indigenous Canada – Planting Seeds of Light!

Please visualize all people being gifted back their Motherlands. The lands were stolen originally. It's time the land was returned to the people so all may enjoy health, happiness and harmony, return to pure body and mind, blissful soul and truth consciousness. We are a land of MANY nations... a nation within nations.  I would like … Continue reading Reclaim Indigenous Canada – Planting Seeds of Light!

Travelling “Gypsy” Healing Centre

We enjoy travel. Invite us out to your community! We offer specialized, custom treatments for individuals and families right inside the home based on the unique need and requirement of the person(s) living there. We also facilitate classes, workshops, and group sessions for communities based on the collective need(s) and requirements requested by the group. We facilitate yoga … Continue reading Travelling “Gypsy” Healing Centre