The Magic of Rainbow Light Body Works

The system of magic described is called Rainbow Light Body Works (RLBW). This system is a synthesis of diagnosing and assessment, intuitive knowledge gathering and information accessing, and energetic adjustment and healing frequencies. RLBW is a new system of magic, but does draw inspiration and has similar techniques to a number of other magical systems. These similar…Read more The Magic of Rainbow Light Body Works

Shamanic Sound Healing

Shamanic Sound Healing by Robert Blackmore Music and sound are powerful medicines. Different from other types of sound healing, the shamanic modality incorporates many elements that are, per se, shamanic in nature. The primary element is that of conducting a sacred ceremony around the sound healing session. No form of shamanic healing is ever conducted…Read more Shamanic Sound Healing

Release. Adapt. Accept Impermanence.

You are invited to join us for this inspired workshop that will focus on finding balance during the winds of change! The season of Autumn is symbolized by the yin/yang symbol of BALANCE between light and darkness. During Autumn we are asked by the Universe and by Mother Nature to focus our attention and energies toward releasing and letting go of…Read more Release. Adapt. Accept Impermanence.