Dream Lodge Retreat

Initiating Transformation DREAM LODGE RETREAT in Winnipeg, Manitoba - November 1, 2, 3. Invite us out to your community to offer this same or a similar retreat near you! We would love to chat over the phone with you about all of our wellness retreat possibilities and potentials. A weekend wellness retreat devoted to exploring depths [...]

The Journey of a Shamanic Healer

Guarani Shamanism, one style of shamanic healing Robert is trained in, is an energy healing technique that has been used for the past 6000 years by the Guarani (pronounced Gau ra nee) Indians who live deep in the Amazon jungle of central Brazil. As the Guarani have always lived very close to nature, it’s easy [...]

Ayurvedic Cleansing Recipe: Raise Your Vibration Through Yogic Diet

Want to raise your vibration? Want to lighten your thoughts, increase your vitality and feel grounded, nourished and totally satisfied after you eat? You become / are what you eat and emit a frequency that matches and reflects the same vibration, quality and essence of the food you put in your mouth daily. Think about [...]

Hearts and Minds Expand in November!

A Fresh New Wave of Energy and Change! Subscribe to our monthly newsletters here:[UNIQID] Inward Expansion - Hope for a bright future while keeping it real. General themes found within this month's Astrology, Symbolic Messages from the Wisdom of Crystals and Animal Spirits in November! MESSAGE FROM SPIRIT Wolf Speaks of Importance of Inward Journey Maintain your ability to be a part of society while EMBODYING your individual dreams [...]