Become Like A Mountain

Become like a mountain…


Retreat Dates:

  • Nov 21 at 7 AM – Nov 22 at 7 PM
  • Dec 19 at 7 AM – Dec 20 at 7 PM
  • Jan 23 at 7 AM – Jan 24 at 7 PM
  • Feb 20 at 7 AM – Feb 21 at 7 PM

Meditation and Yoga Weekend Retreats in Kaslo, BC

Sthira Sukham Asanam
Posture should be steady and comfortable.

In yoga (and meditation) we strive for sthira and sukha: steadiness, stability and strength with comfort and openness. We aim for balance between effort and ease in the postures which translates into all of Life.

“Observing breath after breath, the mind becomes still. Unwavering, the mind becomes pure and naturally finds liberation.”

During this retreat Sheena teaches Ayurvedic principles, hatha yoga, Pranic / life energies awareness and methods of concentration that lead to meditative states. Her approach to the yogic processes shared during this retreat is simple, technical and scientific to effect the appropriate and supportive environment and atmosphere for individuals to explore their body-mind phenomenon and experience a different dimension of themselves, of life.

All exercises practiced during this intensive weekend program are easily integratabtle in the home for grounding and enhancing one’s own spiritual practice, their life energies and profoundness of daily experience.

Purpose of this program is Self Study; to scientifically explore the body and mind for insight and clarity into the truth and causes of suffering in all its forms; to explore inner life.

Throughout the weekend participants are bound to arrive at some level of realization, perception and perspective on what needs to change, shift and adjust in order for real health, happiness and harmony to permeate their being and renew a zest for living their best life… responsibly, gracefully, beautifully.

“As you observe breath after breath the truth reveals itself. Observing truth after truth you come to Ultimate Truth.”

Take two days for yourself to experience something new about the very LIFE that you are, to discover new ways of being and engaging with the world.

  • Investment – $179
  • Early Bird Rate – $159 (register ten days in advance)
  • Single Day Retreat – $99
  • meals included*
  • six spots available per retreat weekend


7am arrival and opening circle, intro to AUM
8am dynamic yoga warm-up exercises
9am pranayama, yoga asana and meditation – relationship between body and mind; techniques, theory and practice

11am lunch break
12pm rest and digest, question period

1pm guided group meditation
2pm hatha yoga class / workshop
4pm guided group meditation

4:30pm tea break

5pm yin style yoga / psychosomatic exploration
6:30pm closing circle, brief sharing, power of AUM

“My motivation for teaching yoga and meditation to others is to promote mental health and emotional stability. Prevention is better than cure, and is certainly better than death. My compassion for teaching is ever-lit for those that are suffering, and for loved ones lost to suicide and addiction.”

– Sheena (Oliphant) Blackmore
Sheena Blackmore, Yoga & Meditation Teacher since 2007/08

Whenever mental defilements arise in the inner world, I become agitated and make the outer world agitated. May I and may the world be free from agitation.

This is the art of living.

S.N. Goenka