Massage ∞ Sound

Body ∞ Sound Massage


Powerful healing vibrations enables the patient to go into the deeply altered state (the alpha-theta brainwave state) in which healing is stimulated. According to ancient eastern teachings and as per modern physics, the universe and mankind were created from sound ॐ, therefore we are sound. When a sick person is nourished with a right kind of sound, the billions and billions of cells in their body start to vibrate and re-organize themselves according to divine blue print, into a state of healthy being.

Resonance is the frequency at which an object naturally vibrates. Each part of our bodies has its own natural resonance, vibrational medicine is based on the idea that disease is a result of those natural resonances getting out of tune – whether due to stress, illness or environmental factors.

Ayurvedic Massage and Shamanic Sound Healing are combined here for the purpose of reducing inflammation and pain, releasing energetic blockages and stress / tensions, stimulating cellular detox and increasing immunity on all levels of being. The subtle vibrations of the Tibetan Singing Bowls work gently and powerfully to return the body’s own vibrations to their natural states. Getting in tune with your body’s natural state initiates self healing abilities, peace and joy.

Robert and Sheena intuitively and consciously respond to and flow with what they see within the physical, energetic, psycho-emotional, and spiritual bodies. As they work together, they receive helpful information relative to the clients current energetic state. Included at the end is time for sharing their intuitive findings with you, and for any questions you may have regarding the session.

Enjoy tranquility and peace permeating every cell of your being with this powerful full body massage and shamanic sound healing experience.

(2 hours)


The Mini Pearl Neck Massage

Ayurvedic Herbal Oil Neck Massage


“Embrace your pearls of wisdom.”

Inspired by all Great Grandmothers, strength and wisdom, natural beauty, healing waters, sacred songs, Voice of Soul, and confidently speaking one’s truth.

Mini Pearl Sessions promote softness and tranquility and are known to have a soothing and calming effect on the body, mind and central nervous system. The oils I use are 100% pure and formulated with wisdom and integrity of Ayurveda. 🌿

Benefits of Herbal Oil Neck Massage

  • Emotional balance to a strained mind; relieves suffering from tensed mind, indecisiveness, depression and instability.
  • Help to cure insomnia, calm stressed nerves and control anger. In fact, people who have a short temper are advised to take regular relaxation treatments.
  • Improve self-confidence and create positive energy.
  • Blissful feelings and increased joy.
  • Happier mood and therefore increased harmony in ones life.
  • Rejuvenating and detoxifying effect, clears EMF pollution from Aura.
  • Relieves muscle aches and pains, clears energetic blockages.
  • Good for any problems with throat and related organs and glands.
  • Increases personal insight, creativity and self expression.
  • Relieves headache, anxiety and stress, neck and facial tension.
  • Anti-aging; increases facial lustre and beauty.

(30-45 minutes)


+ scalp treatment, $10

Rejuvenation Therapy for Women

Mother Earth

Sheena’s unique and specialized Ayurvedic approach to massage is performed with an awareness of the marmas and chakras. In Ayurveda, marmas are vital points similar to acupressure points. Marmas are points where the elemental life forces of ether, air, fire, water and earth converge and thus where the body’s organizing intelligence is most concentrated. The seven great marmas are the same as the main chakras. According to Ayurveda, each chakra nourishes particular organs and controls various psycho-physiological aspects of our being. When they are blocked, physical disease ensues.

Ayurvedic oil massage opens and cleanses these energy channels so the current can flow freely and our latent vitality is released.

When treatments are carried out regularly it is considered to delay the ageing process, prevent illness, promote vitality and balanced mind. This particular massage helps alleviate stress and improves immune function as it stimulates all body systems promoting detox and encouraging the body’s natural ability to release toxins easily.

The procedure involves massaging the marma points. Many of these are located over the joints and lymph nodes and include the main chakras as mentioned above. In Ayurveda massage therapy is considered an essential part of living a healthy, balanced life.

Supportive input to the senses is also emphasized during the massage as our senses are the gateways to our biological and mental processes. The sense of touch is obviously employed but you will notice that the sense of smell, sight and hearing is also recruited in the healing process.

It generally takes 75 mins to carry out the full treatment followed by 10 mins of resting for deep relaxation and integration.

For your first Ayurvedic massage with Sheena, Initial Visit includes an in-depth consultation; personal and family health history review for which additional time is required. This is optional but recommended for those seeking to take their healing journey to “the next level” – a deeper healing experience and expansion of Awareness.

Sheena also offers Intuitive Guidance for her clients either upon request or naturally as the session unfolds and extends beyond the allotted time. Additional charges may apply if it turns out that more time is needed on a regular basis.

Purpose of Extended Intuitive Sessions: to understand what is happening beneath the surface of normalized perception, to explore underlying causes of dis-ease in the body, what is behind the physical symptoms that are affecting wellbeing, to become grounded through insight, awareness, wisdom and clarity, and to explore new dimensions and other ways of being in relationship with self, other and world.

(60 – 90 minutes)

$100 / hour

Cancelation Policy

We charge 50% of the cost of any service that is cancelled without 24 hours notice. Last minute cancelations and “no shows” are expected to pay the full amount of session booked. We sincerely appreciate at least 24 hours notice as we are often travelling for the work we do in other communities throughout Canada. We understand that emergencies happen and certainly would consider your unique situation.

Thank you so much for your consideration of our time, energy and efforts to best serve you.