Massage Services

Body & Sound Massage

Ayurvedic Herbal Oil Massage (registered massage therapy) and Tibetan Bowl Sound Healing combined for deep rest and effortless healing integration of body, mind and spirit. Enjoy tranquility and peace permeating every cell during this full body massage and sound bath that reduces inflammation, pain and stress, promotes balance, relaxation and rejuvenation, initiates self healing abilities, relieves depression, anxiety, headache and insomnia, lowers blood pressure, left / right brain balancing, releases energetic blockages, stimulates cellular detox, aligns chakras, cleanses aura, increases immunity.

Sound raises the vibration of the physical vehicle making the body and mind deeply relaxed, free of tension and at peace. With the body softened and the mind calm, one’s receptivity to divine insight, wisdom, and Light is strengthened as clients are fully immersed in the energy and purity of their Soul’s inner-truth, their mind’s expanded consciousness, and heart’s connection to Universal Love.

Included is time at the end for sharing our intuitive findings with you, and for any questions you may have regarding the session and your experience. (90 minutes)


+ $20 for on-site sessions (any session we have to travel for)

Good Vibrations: Tune Up

Tibetan singing bowls – the influences of certain rhythms, sounds and vibrations can help us resist and recover from a wide variety of ailments. Our bodies and minds react differently to the unrelenting noise of a jackhammer than to a trickle of water in a creek. Some sounds simply make us feel better than others.

Resonance is the frequency at which an object naturally vibrates. Each part of our bodies has its own natural resonance, and vibrational medicine is based on the idea that disease is a result of those natural resonances getting out of tune – whether due to stress, illness or environmental factors.

During these sessions Robert plays the bowls intuitively. He consciously responds to what he sees clairvoyantly in the auric field and receives clairaudiently as accurate information from Spirit and the bodies 7 major energy centres known as chakras. The session is absolutely attuned to the constitution and unique energy signature of the person he is working with so that clients are guaranteed a treatment that meets their individual need.

Sound Therapy is a cellular massage that works gently and powerfully to return the body’s own vibrations to their natural states. Getting in tune with the bodies natural states of peace and harmony initiates self healing abilities and a return to balance or equilibrium, vitality and inner joy. The use of Tibetan singing bowls in any of our sessions bring the client’s body (a sacred vessel or instrument of love, creativity, peace, joy, compassion and kindness) back in tune with the Divine. (30 minutes)

Add / combine a therapeutic Herbal Oil Foot Massage ($30) and get your entire session covered through your health benefits plan.


Shamanic Chakra Sound Healing Package: 5 sessions for $240 – click on link to learn more!

Ayurvedic Massage – Rejuvenation Therapy for Women

Sheena uses an ancient herbal oil massage routine in her treatments that are designed exclusively for Women’s Health, Confidence and Beauty. Her Ayurvedic approach to body-work provides nourishment, rejuvenation and relaxation for the entire body, mind and soul. This full-body massage naturally fosters self-love, self-awareness, compassion and body appreciation.

When treatments are carried out regularly it is considered to delay the ageing process, prevent illness, promote vitality and balanced mind. It helps alleviate stress and improves immune function as it stimulates all body systems and internal organs, promoting detox and encouraging the body’s natural ability to release toxins easily. The procedure involves massaging the marma points, which in Ayurveda are the body’s vital energy points. Many of these marmas are located over the joints and lymph nodes, and include the 7 chakras. (60 minutes)

In Ayurveda, massage therapy is considered an essential part of living a healthy, balanced life, and may be performed daily as self-massage, but for maintenance once a week is considered sufficient to remain fit and balanced. It generally takes 50 minutes to carry out the full treatment followed by 10 minutes of deep relaxation for integration.

$140 Initial Visit | $100 / Session

+ $20 for on-site sessions (any session we have to travel for)

In addition to this (above) treatment, Sheena offers Intuitive Guidance for her clients either upon request or naturally as the sessions extends beyond the allotted 60 minute time frame.

After receiving an impression from the physical body through body-work, Sheena navigates between the strands of genetic and cultural programming where belief systems, emotional patterns, familial stories and memories reside. Through a process of crucial questions, conscious communication and intuitive navigation she draws forth insight, guidance, and healing for her clients.

Sheena addresses and surfaces subconscious stories and inner narratives which are inhibiting growth or causing stagnation in one’s life and body. Providing counter beliefs, dietary / lifestyle suggestions and empowering insights, she facilitates healing from the subconscious out.

Purpose: to understand what is happening beneath the surface of normalized perception. Find under-lying causes of dis-ease and out-dated soul imperatives that affect wellbeing. Become grounded through personal insight, wisdom and clarity. Explore new dimensions and other ways of being in relationship with self, other and world. (20-30 minutes)


Hot Stone Massage

Relieve muscle tension and pain with a hot stone massage! This treatment is deeply relaxing, warming, and incredibly soothing because of the deep penetrating heat effect on the muscles, tissue layers and bones. Heat has long been used to ease muscle tension and pain as it increases blood flow to the affected area. It can also reduce muscle spasms, increase flexibility and range of motion. (60 minutes)


Hot Stone & Ayurvedic Massage

Combining Hot Stone with Ayurvedic Massage provides a very healing and detoxifying experience. The hot stones have a penetrating sedative effect that can relieve chronic pain, reduce stress and promote deep relaxation. The Ayurvedic oils pull toxins to the surface of the body to be released and washed / cleansed away in bath or shower at home after treatment – a gentle, natural detox that leaves you feeling light, fresh and rejuvenated yet deeply relaxed at the same time! Very balancing. Melt and dissolve away all mental stress and body tension with this PERFECT for WINTER SELF-CARE treatment. (90 minutes)