Art of Soul



Experience healing through art. Let yourself enter the dream lodge of your Eternal Soul and allow the true Creative Spirit to emerge.

  • Be playful with the variety of art materials, and images, ideas and symbolism that comes up for you throughout your creative journeying.
  • Enjoy the creative process as you dream, imagine, and explore in-depth your body, mind, spirit, and soul messages.
  • Guided meditations and journey-work are employed during these session, combined to initiate authentic creative expression.
  • Practice child-like awareness to nature your playful, creative and imaginative parts.
  • Mindfulness and creativity develop your ability to be more self-reflective so you can respond to life with greater flexibility, understanding and Self trust.
  • Develop the practice of dreaming, expand your awareness and allow your curiosity to lead you toward different and new perspectives, perceptions, and views of self and world.
  • As you honour the creator in you, you experience a more intimate connection to all of creation, the Creator and the energy of life that is the universal flow of love, divine thought, feeling and inspired action toward creating a life that is animated, colourful, beautiful.

Sheena’s soulful creative journey’s use art as a mode of meditation, introspection, deep contemplation, and lucid day-dreaming to navigate the dimensions of one’s soul, increase higher awareness and connection to Spirit and the creator within. It aims at bringing the artist into a state that is both alert and still simultaneously, observing while enjoying the creative process at work as they surrender to their inner guidance and creational promptings.

The artists / participants are guided to focus on remaining aware of their feelings, thoughts, and visions throughout the session for personal insight, accurate interpretation of their Soul’s messages, and the spiritual / intuitive instruction they receive on how to transcribe what they see, hear, smell, and feel onto the canvas or paper before them.

Exercising our creative spirit helps us to access the Original Source from which the spontaneous and creative flow of consciousness comes to inspire not only us, “the artists”, but all of creation!

Remove what is blocked by self-importance in the creative process and simply allow yourself the experience of direct and clear connection with the divine nature and purpose of your creative genius.

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