Art by Sheena

Opal Dreams ~ Art of Soul

Art inspired by nature, the earth-as-paradise, devotional dance, goddess, universal love, the eternal sun, Anastasia books by Vladimir Megre… and the Opalescent Dream Lodge of the Soul!

Sheena paints and creates on a commission basis, customizing each painting to reflect the individual soul(s) in a household, bringing balance and harmony back into the home. She suggests using each piece for vastu or feng shui energetic purposes with personal intent and mindful placement. Her art is a meditation and prayer, created and infused with love and blessings of health, happiness and harmony for all.


This tribal Indian icon of Lord Jagannath is brightly painted, identified by a large circular face symbolizing someone who is anadi (without beginning) and ananta (without end), Eternal. Within this face are two big symmetric circular eyes with no eyelids, one eye symbolizing the sun and the other the moon.

He is shown with an Urdhva Pundra, the Vaishnava U-shaped mark on his forehead – as he is a form and energy of Vishnu; preserver and protector of universe / all pervasive universal love.

His dark colour and other facial features are an abstraction of the cosmic form of the Hindu “God of Love and Yoga” Krishna; the ideal of divine love and union. Krishna reminds us of God’s complete love for each and every human being.

.custom commissions
.choose your colours
.4×4 paintings with frame $60

Bring the energy, awareness and blessing of ‘Universal Love’ into your hOMe. ॐ