From Fear to Love

Shifting from fear to love allows for an alternative existence. But first these two opposing forces must square off in the sacred dance that initiates self-transformation.

Shifting from fear to love is a magical experience that sounds like the natural world in my mind. Owls hooting and the White Raven’s greeting caw. It sounds like silence with orchestrated intervals of rustling poplar leaves in the warmest gentle breezes. It feels like an expanded ribcage and pliable intercostal tissues, a soft happy belly and billowing breath. Its a body ever-signalling me toward flowing fresh water streams, cedar forest moss and mountain sunbeams.

It looks like deep satisfaction observed by the corner of lips turning upward to kiss the east and west horizons of my face, forming crescent moon creases that reveal deeper depths.

Something inside of me awakens from the death of fearful mis-takes, to the birth of a new days purest dawning. Love, reflecting and perfecting creation in every moment. Love releases the ego thats been tied to the stake to burn through lifetimes of duelling realities. The poles have shifted. It is now wise and timeless to trust… Nature’s law, precision and justice that is always always exact.

Love feels like empowerment while fear makes me a certain victim of all the days to come because of the days gone by. “What a ridiculous way to live this life!”, said Love fully realized.

It is a brand new life, a total embodied change – that so naturally exposes and delights in the truth and Spirit of all things. Shifting from fear to love signals and sounds the bells of providence and freedom – ushering its support and praises, announcing to angels and demons alike “She’s arrived, what power! Fear itself cowers – and the whole world is illumined by the spontaneity of this rose-quartz heart that is so light and faithfully leading!”.

Her love knows eternity, while her fear only knows the illusion of being trapped in time, within a matrix of honourable players and ancient scenes. From fear to love is knowing Life, in spiritual truth, is in all ways beautiful, prefect and divine, relentlessly pining for your attention and curious glance toward a Sacred Spiral Dance; the path and promise of your entanglement with Grace herself.

Love is luxurious feelings, buoyant revelations, cheerful moments and sunny days. PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR BODY!

From fear to love flows with peace.

Is your belly soft, and are you smiling with the moon?

~ By Sheena J. Oliphant

There are many ways to begin the transformation of your pain into a transmission of love and beauty.

Contact us for support.

Image of women with nature in her hair, Art by Jenny Keith

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  1. Hi, is like to book a couple’s sound healing/reading. Do you work on weekends? If it’s during the week, we need a couple weeks notice to clear our schedules.

    Peace and love, Lana Knoll RM


  2. Hi Lana, does Thursday 22nd or Friday 23rd of October work for you?
    If you prefer, you can email us directly to


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