If the below statement were true, just imagine the life you, your partner and family could live and lead. Imagine the empowerment of self-knowledge, this self-reliant and sufficient, extremely effective approach to optimal health and well-being. Imagine embodying a “prevention is better than cure” approach and Natural Lifestyle philosophy, a returning to Nature and the Self.

“I think we could replace 90% of mainstream medicine with a weekly massage.” – Candace Pert, PHD

Why include massage therapy as part of your regular health care regime?

“Old patterns of emotions are thought to be stored in the ganglion of the spinal cord and other parts of the autonomic nervous system. Massage therapy can perturb and alter the old patterns by activating these areas through touch, not only causing the relaxation response but instigating a flow of endorphins and other neuropeptides throughout the body.

My educated guess would be that the beneficial effects of massage on the body and the emotional state can even be strengthened when combined with the therapist talking; not necessarily during the massage, but before or after–as a way to help clients take part in visualizing their own state of well-being. In psychotherapy, as you know, the interaction of touch is not allowed and yet part of the point is to reach back into these old emotional patterns and deal with them. I believe that the release of these natural substances in the body through contact with the skin over time can affect many of those emotional patterns on a long-term basis.”

– Dr. Candace Pert, PhD

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