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Inward Expansion – Hope for a bright future while keeping it real.

General themes found within this month’s Astrology, Symbolic Messages from the Wisdom of Crystals and Animal Spirits in November!

Wolf Speaks of Importance of Inward Journey

Maintain your ability to be a part of society while EMBODYING your individual dreams and ideas. Pay attention to what’s remained unconscious in your life, it is there where the secrets of knowledge and wisdom are found. Discover what is below the surface, tune into what lies beneath your normalized perceptions. In order to share your personal medicine with others, you must be real with yourself. It is in the realization of great personal truths (self-realization) that the consciousness of humanity will attain new heights.

In your aloneness, you find the teacher within. Seek lonely places devoid of other humans in order to journey inward, in order to discover the TRUE YOU. Look for teachings no matter where you are, no matter what presents itself, no matter what arises from deep within. You are being asked to expand a limited view of the present situation. Doing this may entail a great deal of COURAGE and willingness to look at new ideas. It could also require that you delete some old ideas to make room for the expansiveness that always comes when you are willing to learn. The gift of wisdom comes to you when you have walked enough pathways and found enough dead ends to truly know the forest. In the discovery and rediscovery of every inch of ground comes the knowledge that nothing ever remains the same.

Peridot Provides Opportunity for Emotional Purification

  • Emotional cleansing is the job for November; detoxify your emotions
  • Learn to forgive and let go, release the past
  • Be willing to go through a fiery transmutation and emerge transformed
  • Use your energy wisely
  • Recognize how outside influences operate in your life
  • Develop your own protection
  • Learn to rely on your own inner guidance
  • Prepare yourself for farewells, perhaps feelings of disappointment in love
  • Avoid jealously and be assertive without aggression
  • You have a powerful destiny and great integrity
  • Hone in on your innate gifts and talents as they bring abundance
  • Follow your own life plan without judging self or being envious of others

MESSAGE FROM THE STARS ~ Important Shifts and Changes!

Attune Inner World to Outer Dream for Higher Expansion!

Now is time for purification of body, mind, and soul. New beginnings awaken some intense processes within you. The inner process starts around the New Moon ~ take a couple of days to pause and reflect.

Welcome these deep intense healing processes as you try to do something that will transform your energy. What do you no longer need, any blockages, memories, emotional patterns – what will help you transform those things? As you transform yourself this month, what will be the positive side of this? Think about the positive side of your transformation. When we focus on higher purpose we prevent some challenges from happening or manifesting.

New Moon (Nov. 07) is asking us to re-create or re-visit some of the spaces that you have already been through in previous months, to re-visit personal goals, dreams and aspirations. We are also being asked to acknowledge, adjust and accept the fact that we don’t always need to know where we are going or how things are going to turn out.

Exploring your EMOTIONS with courage and the willingness to look at shadow aspects of life and self will help you this month. Ask the deep questions and get to the truth of the matter. Understanding others through your emotions and feelings will guide your relationships.

Overcome fears from the past. Let the past inspire you, as it can no longer hurt you. Make peace with the past so that you can move on. Update your belief systems for the new adventure ahead.

NOW doesn’t exist when you don’t completely accept who you are right now. You think you will accept yourself when… or when… but none of this is true. Nothing is ever enough if you don’t accept yourself right this moment as complete. If you don’t, there will always be a sense of longing and you will die with that longing – even if you get everything you dreamed of, you will not be satisfied.

The only true journey occurs by travelling into new territory, not outside… but within. Find balance with the warrior adventurer archetype that wants to aim far into the future. Pay attention to where you want to over-indulge or over expand and notice where you are living. Are you living in the present or tending only to your future? Remember to keep it real and feel into what is happening in the present so as not to avoid the life you are living now. Think, feel and be real. If the true journey is exploring the territory of Thy Self, then it can also be said that true expansion is the expansion of consciousness and embodiment of Love. Trust that things are happening behind the scenes in support of your dreams. 

Full Moon (Nov. 22) may have us feeling energetically challenged as it represents the culmination of our ideas and thoughts. You are invited to hone your plans and narrow your focus. Take on what is manageable. Keep perspective on the expansive energy happening throughout November so as to remain present to what IS.

By the end of Autumn, naturally we experience RENEWED HOPE for the future. Hope can sometimes take our attention away from the present moment and trap us in the future. Wherever you go, there you are. This means that we must have the courage to do the inner work. Enlightenment resides in the present moment. When our awareness changes, everything changes so ask…

“How can I expand my awareness without getting trapped into believing that everything will be ok only sometime in the future?”

By the end of November we may be making some final choice after a series of choices as we navigate the truth that will lead us toward the support we seek in establishing a new foundation. We have been making many smaller, more subtle choices to try and bring the balance back – all in preparation for the final BIG CHOICE that will put you on the path of your dreams. We desire to make a BIG CHANGE in our lives, but there is a challenge to get clear. Our patience is challenged because we are being asked to take an inward journey first, to yoke ourselves into higher vibration, into our spiritual integrity, into truth and clarity.

Internal transformation is coming, aligning everything! You will be completing some big change from the past so that you can finally move forward. You are shifting from a waffling energy to a knowing energy and making the changes required in order to get what you know you truly want. Your mindset must be pure for positive outcome, so do take this time to deal (to heal)with any shadow stuff, fears and insecurities that no longer serve you.

Expansion IS happening, you’ve dreamed a beautiful dream! Now look within to align your actions, words, and thoughts ~ bring yourself into the heart… into the INTEGRITY of that dream. Centre it in LOVE, not fear.

Divine Love ~ Take comfort in knowing that you are cherished. Let go of fear and trust you are loved and taken care of. It is your birth right to receive, to have, and to enjoy all the abundant gifts of Mother Earth. Take care of your physical health through movement. Be healthy, love and appreciate your body. Self-love attracts blessings of having the loving and supportive relationships you deserve.

Welcome greater equanimity and re-establish balance with Yoga Therapy, Rejuvenating Massage, and Shamanic Healing to support your healing journey during this very transformative and enlightening time. ॐ


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