Manitou’s Healing Waters

Every little sprout on the Earth – the seed of a birch tree, a cedar tree or a flower – is filled with the knowledge of the Creator.
– Anastasia

Enjoy, visualize and pray for the protection of Manitou’s purity and pristine nature, for these very rare, unique and magical healing waters of Saskatchewan!


Our obligation and commitment is to respecting and protecting NATURE, the nature within ourselves and the nature outside.

Manitou (it’s meaning) is the spiritual and fundamental life force. It is omnipresent and manifests everywhere. Manitou is a supernatural force that according to an Algonquian conception pervades the natural world; it is the spiritual power inherent in the world generally. Manitous are also believed to be present in natural phenomena such as animals, plants, geographic features and weather; they are personified as spirit-beings that interact with humans and each other and are led by the Great Manitou, the Great Spirit.

Have you experienced the phenomenon of the 22-kilometre-long lake that is unlike any other in North America? It was carved out by glaciers and the bottom of its bed has springs that shoot up minerals from within the earth. There’s magnesium, potassium, silica, iron oxide, calcium and sulphate amid this lake’s alchemy.

There truly is magic in the waters of the Manitou Lake. It is a sacred and healing experience. Feel happy, light and blissful after a day in the water, lake or spa!

Through your divine love, gratitude and appreciation for Manitou Lake, please respect and help us protect it’s purity through action, word and thought.

Some great ways to do this are:

  • Visualize a protective light around the lake that extends into the sky above and deep into the earth below.
  • Visualize more trees in the village of Manitou Beach and surrounding the lake.
  • When you visit the healing waters yourself, enjoy with reverence and a prayer that it’s purity be protected, respected and reverenced by all who enter there.
  • Express more gratitude for nature’s gifts of healing and the land given to us by Creator for every man, woman and child to use, enjoy and benefit from.
  • Protest the use of motor boats in the lake to avoid sound pollution – so that all can enjoy peace and quiet, relaxation and rejuvenation while visiting Manitou.
  • Visualize folks becoming more aware and sensitive to the use of any pesticides or herbicides for their own health and the health of the lake and surrounding landscape.
  • Visualize a chemical free environment and atmosphere.
  • Pray for those whose morals and values of greed and competition are not realized in the truth yet, that they awaken to the harmony that is possible where co-creation exists, where love and reverence are the driving forces behind all action.
  • Imagine all fears of lack and un-worthiness are eradicated, and that all beings are awakened to the peace that comes when the lie of separation ends and unity consciousness begins.   

For the wellness of Saskatchewan lands and the whole planet, plant more trees, grow your own food and nurture beautiful gardens to help in the co-creation of a new Paradise-on-Earth – with and for your families and for the generations to come. Trees are sacred beings and forces of Light ~ giving to and protecting all life.

Lake Manitou


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