The Magic of Rainbow Light Body Works

The system of magic described is called Rainbow Light Body Works (RLBW). This
system is a synthesis of diagnosing and assessment, intuitive knowledge gathering and
information accessing, and energetic adjustment and healing frequencies. RLBW is a new system of magic, but does draw inspiration and has similar techniques to a number of other magical systems. These similar techniques and systems include: the Divine Rays theory of Al-Kindi, the Magnetism theory of Anton Mesmer, The Chakra System of ancient Hindu beliefs, the transmission of spirit world information of the Spiritualist Movement, and the use of crystals and stones for healing, which can be attributed to the theories of Albert the Great as well as the modern New Age movement. Of central importance to the RLBW system of magic, is a capable practitioner-magician whom is well developed in the art of intuition.

The basic explanation of the system of RLBW is as follows. The techniques
administered shall be explained in the form and setting of a one-on-one session, that is, a RLBW practitioner and a client or seeker-of-information.

The practitioner begins by accessing or viewing the seekers Rainbow Light Body. This
body is an energetic manifestation of light frequency and colour coded energies. It is a form of an individuals Soul essence or energy, and is created by the interaction of Light energies as they interact with said individuals soul essence and physical body. Thus it is dependant on the interaction of unseen soul, light, or divine frequencies and energies as they interact with the physical body, atoms, and DNA structures. The combination of seen and unseen, energy and form, above and below. Upon accessing, or seeing, this Rainbow Light Body the practitioner can then diagnose or assess the goings on, happenings, and issues that the seeker may be experiencing. This stage can be compared to the diagnosing of the human magnetic field of Anton Mesmer, the Ancient Hindu system of Chakras, and even the New Age belief in the human Aura.

The next stage of this system involves information gathering, and is a continuation of the
first stage of Rainbow Light Body viewing. This Light Body can be compared to a to a body of water, say a lake for example. The energies and emanations flow, shift, and move like the ripples and reflections upon said body of water. Through accessing the seekers Light Body, an experienced practitioner can notice patterns of light, flows of colour coded energies, emanations of vibration that may take the forms and sensations of hot and cold, push or pull, light or dark, thick or thin, and a variety of other descriptive sensations and information. It is not uncommon for information and energies to take the form of spirit guides, ancestral entities, and patterns of light and colour. These manifestations of information and energy varies between practitioners, but what is of utmost importance is that the information gathered is an accurate and truth based
rendering of the experiences particular to each individual seeker, relative to that time and space.

The final stage of this system of magic involves energetic adjustments and transmission
of healing or helping frequencies. Now the the Light body has been accessed and information has been gathered, the practitioner can proceed to bring the session to its last stage of completion. The techniques used will vary from seeker to seeker based on what is found and the future goals desired. Through the use of vibratory frequencies, which emanate or originate from a variety of sources including but not limited to: the use of prayers or intentional thought, the use of stones and crystals to adjust light frequency based on said stones own physical constitution and energetic make up, the request or petitioning of spirit guides and helpers to assist in facilitating desired help
or healing, and most especially, the practitioners own light frequencies and energetic
emanations to influence shift, adjustment, or change in the seeker. Since all things in creation (the physical and non physical world) produce energies that flow, emanate, and interact with all other things and object, it is significant and important to note that just by intending or desiring a shift or influence ripples of light energy are sent forth with react and interact with all that they come into contact with.

Through this system of magic, many different and individual systems of thought, idea,
and practice can be combined and amalgamated into one coherent and harmonious system. The significance of which shows the value of magical techniques in the modern world, both through the practical application of this Rainbow Light Body Works system, and the magical or metaphysical implications of its use. A system like RLBW has inherent value, in that it cannot be explained away by modern skeptics, because the system produces evidence of its effectiveness. It is also a system which seeks to help, heal, guide and inform the seeker drawn to it, rather than hurt, harm, or manipulate. Modern magic systems such as Rainbow Light Body Works help to fuse the past with the present, and keep effective magical belief and work surviving and thriving.

RLBW inspires connection to the mystery, the unseen, and the indescribable in a modern world that seeks to demystify and lesson our connection to the worlds of spirit and the invisible, therefore it has much inherent value in the modern world.

Do No Harm. As Above so Below. Aho. Amen.

Written By: Robert Blackmore


To schedule a Shamanic Healing Session with Robert, phone or text: 306 280 8955. Shamanic healing sessions include:

  • Chakra Light (Rainbow Body) Resonance Therapy
  • Chakra (Rainbow Body) / Aura / Akashic Readings
  • Gem / Crystal, Sound Healing, Reiki Therapy
  • Spirit, Animal, Totem, Angel and Star Guides

In Robert’s own system of Shamanic Healing… he first extends his consciousness into the other world to gain insight about the client’s personal life path by accessing the aura and chakras, spirit / animal / angel guides and even past lives which have accumulated karma or caused soul fragmentation. At this point he then blends several forms of energy healing / breath-work / focused intention with stones and crystals and combines voice, singing bowls and tuning forks to bring the client in to Body, Mind, Spirit and Soul Harmony. The process activates the energy of Awareness. Alignment, soul evolution, and pathways to enlightenment are then able to take place for the client.


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