Odissi Devotional Dance is therapy. It works not only with the mind but with the entire being. It is like learning to walk all over again. The struggle itself is a blessing. To challenge oneself and grow beyond one’s self-imposed limits is the empowering nature of art as sadhana.

The essence of what we all seek is divine love and freedom from pain and suffering, God-consciousness and union with our Eternal Self. Devotional dance supplies one with the energy and vitality they need to fight the battle between light and illusion, the flesh and the spirit. This refined and ancient art-form awakens us all to the wealth of feeling and wisdom within, igniting a mighty surge of passion that fuels the spirt to take action on those higher aspirations, goals and dreams we ignore. Through sincere devotion, dedication and love for Odissi dance as sadhana, I have witnessed feelings of divine love, sensuality, gratitude, and joy be revived within the dancer’s heart with such intensity that her previous consciousness would not have thought it possible.

The words awakening, awareness and enlightenment provide a clue to this experience if you consider their opposites. Somewhere in human history, we were taught to deny our ability to know what is happening within and around us. In pretending to be asleep, unaware and ignorant for such a long time, we lost the memory of our true existence. Devotional dancing gives us an opportunity to reunite ourselves in love and understanding… it offers a mode through which we truly can return to LOVE; loving the Self, the planet and all of creation.

Odissi Devotional Dance nurtures the divine feminine in all her many aspects and forms, so as to experience greater balance, harmony and healing with the divine masculine. This spiritual practice cultivates self-love and compassion, confidence and a multi-dimensional capacity for expressing and channelling all physical, mental, emotional and sensual aspects of the limited self toward the Divine, the unlimited Self and God.

Body is a Temple

Yoga and classical dance traditions of India have been entwined for millennia. The exacting hand gestures, postures, and movements of Indian classical dance can only be achieved though yogic concentration. Conversely the aesthetics, symmetry, and dynamism of dance enhances the practice of yoga. These two traditions are so complementary and essential to one another.

SOHUM offers to you innovative yoga classes / routines and dance practices that unite the traditions of Classical Indian Dance with Yoga! Yoga and Devotional Dance programs are on-going throughout Saskatchewan for anyone who finds themselves here, now and curious… EMAIL: sheena@sohumayurvedic.com | PHONE: 306-881-8949


Increased self-love, self-care, devotion, commitment, ability to express one’s deepest sentiments and feelings, improve memory, alertness, strength, flexibility, breath depth, body- mind awareness, balance of left / right halves of body, masculine and feminine, coordination, happiness, joy from learning dance as a new language, improved posture, muscle tone and memory, alleviation of muscle aches and pains, improved circulation, respect to the body as a sacred space and home to the divine self or soul, connection to the divine and sacred feminine energy, GODDESS, compassionate love for humanity and all creations.

It works not only with the mind but with the entire being. It is like learning to walk all over again. The struggle itself is a blessing. To challenge oneself and grow beyond one’s self-imposed limits is the empowering nature of art as sadhana.

Previous experience in dance is not required in order to take classes. All women are most welcome to try this wonderful, devotional, deeply satisfying art-form!

Distilling my extensive yoga training, western dance background, and Indian classical dance experience into techniques for yogic study is certain to assist Odissi dance students in achieving a dynamic, beautiful and graceful practice.

Thank-you to all the classical Indian dancers, teachers and gurus of these ancient dance traditions, thank-you to all that came before me! Thank-you for your inspiration, knowledge, hard work, dedication, discipline, wisdom and loving devotion to your art. Thank-you for showing a way to the embodiment of art as Sadhana.


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