You are invited to join us for this inspired workshop that will focus on finding balance during the winds of change!

The season of Autumn is symbolized by the yin/yang symbol of BALANCE between light and darkness. During Autumn we are asked by the Universe and by Mother Nature to focus our attention and energies toward releasing and letting go of the old, to adapt to change and accept the impermanence of life. At this time we are physically, mentally, and emotionally preparing our bodies, minds and sprits for a happy, healthy and more harmonious winter season. Fall is a time of self-reflection and inner-refinement as we find our way to peace and equanimity between extremes.

WORKSHOP LOCATION SoHum Healing Arts in Saskatoon @ Ideas Inc. (beside the Saskatoon Farmers’ Market) Suite #207 – 120 Sonnenschein Way.

DAY Sunday, August 27th | TIME 11am – 4pm
INVESTMENT $160 – $225 sliding scale – pay what you can. 🙂
Please register for this event by email to:

Autumn symbolizes balance between light and darkness. At this time we focus our energy to release, adapt and accept impermanence.

  • Learn about the Chakra System as a path to Self.
  • Experience Yoga for personal Insight.
  • Enjoy Sound Healing, Guided Meditation and Introspection.
  • Learn about Crystals and variety of Self-Care tools and practices.
  • Uncover Limiting Beliefs around change, uncertainty and self-security.
  • Bring greater harmony to your Relationships with self, other, environment and world for Divine Reconnection. 

Learn to trust the Journey of Life with greater confidence and ease of being as you learn to trust yourself. Self-understanding is liberating, it invites the energy of Awareness. Self-awareness is the key for eradicating out-dated soul imperatives that no longer serve you. Attuning to your divine nature enhances your wellbeing and aligns you with soul purpose.

During this workshop, Robert and Sheena highlight the expression of positive emotions and the need to attune one’s life to the natural rhythms of the body, breath and nature.  

They educate and assist as guides on your journey inward to find deeper insights and flashes of your own intuition that show the way back to lovehealth, happiness, harmony, trust in the process, and to balance… so that no matter what comes in life, you can get through with more grace, acceptance and divine joy.

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