We enjoy travel.

Invite us out to your community! We offer specialized, custom treatments for individuals and families right inside the home based on the unique need and requirement of the person(s) living there. We also facilitate classes, workshops, and group sessions for communities based on the collective need(s) and requirements requested by the group. We facilitate yoga and sound healing sessions, guided group meditations, and a variety of other wholistic health, spiritual life, and soul harmony education classes and workshops. If you are ready to host us, we are ready to support and serve you, your family and your community in health, happiness and harmony.

  • Individual Sessions
  • Family Sessions
  • Friend / Community Gatherings
  • Wholistic Workshops / Classes for Business and Work Environments

Our first obligation to society; to our family, friends and community – is to be happy, healthy and harmonious within ourselves. When this becomes our first obligation, all else inevitably, naturally and effortlessly falls into place and divine purpose – aligning perfectly with peace, joy, inner contentment, happy satisfaction and purity of the Soul, for the benefit of all beings. 

Lands we have travelled for this purpose and the communities we will gladly visit again…

  • Saskatchewan: Eston, Kindersley, Tisdale, Regina, Rosthern, Wynyard, Saskatoon, Kenosee Lake.
  • Alberta: Provost, Wainwright, Stettler, Camrose, Red Deer, Rocky Mountain House, Calgary, Canmore, Cochrane, Big Valley.


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