So Hum Retreat Centre

“Here, Nature may heal and give strength to the body and soul.”

So Hum Retreat Centre offers a place to unwind and return to self, love and Nature in the idyllic rural setting of Kaslo, British Columbia where people of all ages and stages of life can pursue their health and divine reconnection to Body, Mind, Spirit and Soul.

With the time, space and a facility in which one can focus and re-direct their life energies, the services we offer provide an opportunity for clients and B&B guests to participate in their healing journey as a conscious co-creator. We welcome you to experience and enjoy your self, receive treatments of massage, sessions of yoga therapy and shamanic healing, classes, body-care workshops and life-enhancing wellness programs for the health, happiness and harmony of all.

Visiting guests and clients usually choose to stay onsite with us during their personal retreat, while receiving a long term treatment plan, or pursuing new knowledge through courses and workshops.

So Hum Healing Arts

SO HUM is the mantra and practice of identifying oneself with the universe or ultimate reality so as to unite. Its meaning is: The Presence Of Divinity Of Each Soul, God Is Within.

So Hum Services focus on healing at all levels of the person; physical, energetic, psycho-emotional, and spiritual. They help to cleanse, clear and detoxify the body systems of accumulated toxins due to environment, diet, electro-magnetic frequency radiation (EMF’s), personal, work, social and family related afflictions, all known to create imbalances that adversely affect the quality of Life and health of the individual.

We also provide distance healing, readings and personal coaching services that acknowledge and address where one feels they are needing support. These services help individuals deepen their spiritual practices, connection and embodiment of health and unique medicine path, clarify their life’s vision and understand current experiences with Awareness and perspective.

Connect and receive support from us directly.

Know Thy Self

Knowing one’s Self involves exploring the natural rhythms and cycles of life… body, breath, the earth and the stars, one’s own depth of soul. – Sheena

Imagine all your energies aligning and working in synergy to support your health and wellbeing. Through a Self and Nature honouring Lifestyle and approach to healing, one begins to know more moments within themselves and in their world as being perfect, beautiful and divine.

The body offers tremendous information about yourself. It offers wisdom and guidance about how to live a full and joyous life, and naturally reflects the quality of life you are currently living and leading.

Feel, observe, and learn from your own body, thoughts, feelings and emotions to know where you stand regarding your own health and happiness. At Sohum we invite people to deeply listen with their whole being, to pay attention, and take responsibility for their own energy and Life! This approach enhances one’s capacity to care for others, to effectively contribute to the society and live harmoniously on Earth with Nature and all creation.

Through natural therapies like yoga, sound healing, Ayurvedic massage and shamanic healing we assist and gently guide others toward better Self-Management and Mastery.

As within, so without.

Sheena and Robert have both been professionally serving individuals and communities throughout Canada since 2005.