sohum_id_3Sohum Healing Arts Centre offers a place to unwind and return to self, love and nature in an idyllic setting where people of all ages and stages of life can pursue their health and divine reconnection to Body, Mind, Spirit and Soul. Being in direct contact with nature in the restful, beautiful town and setting of Kaslo, British Columbia – with the time, space and a facility in which you can focus on your Self, the variety of healing services we offer are intended to provide you with an opportunity to participate in your own healing journey as a conscious co-creator. In this rural pristine place and space, we offer individual sessions, classes, programs and personal retreats for the health, happiness and harmony of all.

We provide a residence for selected visiting guests and clients who are working on / devoted to their self-care and wellness program (provided by us at SOHUM), or holistic educational pursuits – while also providing a wholesome, peaceful and inspiring natural environment in which to do this sacred healing “work” – and to simply just BE.

Good health requires natural instinct… open yourself to the way of Nature, then trust your natural responses and everything will fall into place.


SO HUM translates as I am He / That, it is the mantra and practice of identifying oneself with the universe or ultimate reality so as to unite. Its meaning is: The Presence Of Divinity Of Each Soul, God Is Within.

We assist individuals in healing, releasing and clearing unhealthy patterns in body, mind, spirit and soul through the following modalities:

All services cleanse, clear and detoxify the body of accumulated toxic energy due to environmental pollution, chemicals in food or unhealthy eating habits, electro-magnetic frequency radiation, personal, work, social or family related stress and any mental/emotional imbalances that create dis-ease and have adverse affects on one’s health and happiness.

Robert shares communications he receives from Angel, Animal, Totem, Ancestor, Crystal and Star Guides in his Shamanic Healing Sessions and Workshops that provide clients with knowledge, insight and Awareness.

Return to Nature, Renew Your Spirit

By returning to NATURE and NATURAL THERAPIES we remember our TRUE NATURE. We can feel our physical, mental and spiritual energies aligning and working in synergy. Through a “Nature” and “Self” honouring lifestyle we can experience more moments within ourselves and the world surrounding us as being beautiful, divine and perfect, healthy, wholesome and complete.

The body offers wisdom, guidance, and accurate information about our own wellbeing, our environment (the earth, the land, people and nature around us) and the quality of life we are living and leading. We encourage all of our clients to feel, observe, and learn from their own bodies, thoughts, and feelings to know where they stand regarding their own health and happiness – and to listen… to pay attention to and take good care of their own personal energy as it is absolutely synonymous with our ability as human beings to care for others, contribute to society and live in harmony together with Nature.

Through natural therapies like sound healing, massage therapy and shamanic healing we assist and gently guide others toward remembering their own divinity and sovereignty – that it is their birth right to be happy, healthy and harmonious earth dwellers!

As within, so without.

Sheena and Robert have been gratefully serving holistic, spiritually inclined and health conscious individuals and communities throughout B.C., Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba in Canada since 2005.


As above, so below.

Astrological Notes for 2019: This year’s energetic themes highlight and focus around seeking the truth within and trusting your inner authority over any outer authority in order to create the life you want from a place that feels more authentic, that honours the truth of your heart. In order to do this we are being asked to develop personal integrity and a spiritual compass to navigate our lives moving forward, and to deeply connect with the body and the earth as Sacred because they are strong and loud messengers now, they are trying to get our attention…

Attuning ourselves to the wisdom of the natural rhythms and cycles of Mother Earth and the physical body provides profound personal insight, high Self awareness, and a spiritual perspective that can easily guide one to finding better or more enlightened pathways that assist humanities forward movement and vibrational shift. Daily self love and self respect are what we are all working towards to ensure that the lives we are living, leading, and creating align with Spirit and the truth of our hearts.

Knowing one’s Self involves exploring the natural rhythms and cycles of life… body, breath, the earth and the stars, one’s own depth of soul.