This is a year (2019) focuses on seeking the truth and finding the guidance within in order to create the life you want from a place that feels authentic, that honours your personal integrity, and aspires to self mastery! In order to do this we are connecting more deeply now to the body and the earth as sacred. Attuning to the guidance and wisdom of the natural rhythms and cycles of the earth, body, and the stars – provides one with the spiritual insight necessary in finding better and more enlightened pathways to take moving forward. Greater self-love and self-respect are what we are all working towards to ensure that the lives we are living, leading, and creating align with Spirit and the truth of our hearts.

SOHUM translates as I am He / That, it is the mantra and practice of identifying oneself with the universe or ultimate reality so as to unite. Its meaning is: The Presence Of Divinity Of Each Soul, God Is Within.

Sheena and Robert assist individuals in healing, releasing and clearing unhealthy patterns in body, mind, spirit, and soul through…

Our services cleanse, clear and detoxify the body of accumulated toxic energy due to environmental pollution, chemicals in food or unhealthy eating habits, EMF’s, personal, work, social, or family related stress, and any mental / emotional imbalances that are cause for dis-ease and adverse affects on your health, happiness, and balance within.

Release soul trauma, negative emotions, forgive and experience liberation from outdated belief systems and thought patterns that prevent healing and impair soul growth. Receive communications from Angel, Animal, Totem, Ancestor, Crystal and Star Guides for attaining knowledge, personal insight, Self-Awareness and Soul Empowerment.

Return to Nature

By returning to, connecting, and attuning ourselves more deeply and consciously with the natural rhythms and cues of life; the body, breath, earth and the stars – our physical, mental, and spiritual energies can be synergistically balanced and therefore restored to divine and perfect health.

The body offers wisdom, guidance, and accurate information about our own wellbeing, our environment (the earth, the land, people and nature around us), and the quality of life we are living and leading. We encourage our clients during treatments and sessions to feel, observe, and learn from their own bodies, thoughts, and feelings to know where they stand regarding their own health and happiness – and to listen, to pay attention and take good care of the personal energy as it is absolutely synonymous with our ability as human beings to care for others and contribute to society, while living in harmony with Nature.

Your body is a sacred home for your Eternal Soul to dwell along side / with The Divine. Through natural therapies like sound healing, massage therapy, and shamanic healing we help and guide others to remember this, to remember their own divinity! We do this by balancing and re-aligning the bodies energies (physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually) with the vibration of Peace, relaxing and calming the mind so as to create the space for LOVE to live and grow inside. As within, so without.

Live in your heart. Seek the truth within.

Love yourself and you will always be happy, healthy, and harmonious!

Sheena and Robert have been gratefully serving wholistic and spiritually minded individuals and communities throughout B.C., Alberta and Saskatchewan since 2005.